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Welcome to my Terry Goodkind page. If you have any suggestions or comments on what I should or SHOULD NOT do, they would be most welcome, so please E-mail me at!!

---Last updated November 15, 2001---
NEW! The cover of Pillars of creation is out, go to the news section to see it! It's really awesome, it's done by Keith Parkinson again.
NEW! I've checked, but the Confessors award page is no longer running, the last year they voted was 1999, and the message board isn't working anymore. However, if you know of a Terry Goodkind webpage contest, please let me know.
Hello everyone, i wanted to tell ya that Nathan Rahl hasn't much time anymore and there for asigned me to update and maintain this site for as long as needed. It'll stay nathan rahl's site, but for now if ya have questions or suggestions you need to contact me. ~Soulie
Well, i'll be updating this page for there'll be new things whenever you check in keep an eye out for them. I'm affraid i will have to delete some things to, for example nathan has a page where you can order the books with him. But i'm not able to do that, sorry.
For the rest, well, i'm going to set up a new mailing list, because the old one isn't working anymore and try to add more book reviews, and all the things where you send a e-mail to Nathan, i'll be changing into my e-mail. So then you know a bit what im doing :) I'll let ya know when these things are done here.


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