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The Bio on Terry Goodkind

Background- Terry Goodkind was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1949. He suffers from a form of dyslexia, which encumbered him during his childhood. His difficulty reading and writing brought him constant ridicule and humility from his teachers and peers, until his high school composition teacher recognized his writing talent. After his graduation, he dropped out of college. Before becoming a professional writer, Goodkind worked as a carpenter, a violin maker, a hypnotherapist, a wildlife artist and a restorer of rare artifacts. Throughout this time, he has remained an avid fan of painting, and has done the some of the art work included in his books. In 1983, he moved to Maine and bought 4 acres of land where he and his wife, Jeri, began construction of their house by themselves. It was during this time that he began jotting down the characters, and in particular their emotions, down onto paper. In 1993, he decided to begin work on his own novel, and one year later had Wizardís First Rule completed and published in October 1994. It was a record breaking debut that has since become an international bestseller and brought the praise of many esteemed writers of the fantasy genre. The sequels Stone of Tears (October 1995), Blood of the Fold (October 1996), Temple of the Winds (september 1997), Soul of the Fire (september 1999), Faith of the Fallen (October 2000) and Pillars of Creation (November 2001) have had equal success. In 1998 he published a short story in "Legends" called "Debt of Bones".

"At forty seven, Goodkind is a tall, intense man with a long pony tail and a ready sense of humor. Jeans and tee shirts remain his favorite attire." (Lynn Flewelling, Bangor Daily News, November, 1995) *Written by Ben Harding