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The Southhaven Tavern
Welcome to the Southaven Tavern!
Here we will be hosting voting on a few events! Now, I know what you are thinking: "Not another voting page!!!"! Well, thats not what this is...exactly! Here I have put a pair of TG's or other authors characters and see how they would do in a fight that would probably not happen in the books! You may vote on who would win these fights or just come by to see how they will turn out! Monthly I will put new people going against each other! Weekly I will post who has more votes in the fight to let you know how they are doing! Look below to see!
This fight's main contenders and Zedd Zorander and Nathan Rahl. Again, I do not want this to be a popularity contest, just because you might like Nathan better, doesn't mean you should vote for him. Please remember that Zedd is the First Wizard and has many talents, but Nathan descends from a line of Rahls and has also been alive for a lot longer. Based on these facts and more, cast your vote!
Zedd Zorander Nathan Rahl
Zedd: 59 --- Nathan: 51
This fights contenders are The old Prelate Ann and the Mother Confessor, and to make it interesting, lets have the Mother Confessor be in the Con Dar (The Blood Rage).
The Prelate The Mother Confessor
Prelate: 24 --- Mother Confessor: 59
This next fights contenders are Darken Rahl and Panis Rahl. Now, I know that Panis wasnt developed much but just give me your opinion on who would take this one, the father or son.
Darken Rahl Panis Rahl
Darken Rahl: 50 --- Panis Rahl: 45

Last fights winnings were as follows:
Richard Rahl: 22 --- Rand Al'Thor: 20
Gar: 35 --- Mriswith: 8
Darken Rahl: 28 --- Jagang: 9

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