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Previews to come!

Hello everyone! This page contains some info on pages to come from Nathan and Alric Rahl, and Violanthe!
Well, right now Alric and I, Nathan, are putting together an award for a TG page, were not sure if it will be a voting award or if we will just had it out to the best candidate! To my knowledge, I think it will be a voting award, but I don't think that Prophets Inc. will be nominated since they are the offical page and already have enough awards already! No offense Zedd, but we'll give other people a chance to win this one! We are trying to gather pictures of a crown or shield or something of that nature to use for the graphic of the award, if any of you out there have something that we could use, tell us and we will let you know where to send it so we can look it over!
Email Me!

The Art Gallery is coming! All three of us are in this project together. There will be Goodkind related images done by Violanthe and Nathan. You can view a small preview of Violanthe's work on her rendering of Kahlan below. If you have any images done by yourself or just collected over the internet at other galleries, let us know and we will give an email address to send them to!