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My Princess

My Dog
And here is my dog. Yes its a funny picture and that is why I put it on here, to give you all a good laugh!

This is another one of me. Just about the only one without my girlfriend that looks good.

Yup! By now you've probably guessed that the picture on the left is me, and the absolutely stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, and wonderful lady next to me is my girlfriend! (yes! I'm sorry to say that I'm taken, well...not really because I love my girlfriend to death and would do anything for her!!)

Well, as of May '98 I am currently 16 and live in a small town in Ohio. I have one brother and live with my mother and father, oh, by the way I also have a big black dog that is really dumb and I'm going to get a picture of her on her just so you can see how dumb she is.

All of the pages that you see now are my first attempt at designing web pages, so if you don't like any of them, then tell me what you would rather see! I'm pretty easy to get along with and will open up suggestions to anybody...


AAAWWWW...isnt she sweet!
There she goes, just has to make sure im perfect doesnt she! :-) Thats ok honey, I love you!

My dog again
Now if thats not the definition of "lazy", then I dont know what is!
The picture on the left is of me back in my freshman year and the picture on the right was taken for my church.