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Tor Books: Terry Goodkind's publisher
Baen Books:
Avon Books:
Temple of the Winds: This is Alric Rahl's page, we are currently working on the layout and design, but it is looking good...
The Confessors Palace: Hosting the Award for web page excellence.
Dark Planet: This page has a few things on Goodkind and Akira, with a really cool SOT tree too!
The Best of Fantasy: A page with things on Goodkind and Jordan, it also compares both writers!
Foolzfeinds TG and RJ Page: This a cool page with info on TG and RJ with cool midis!
Prophets Inc. The official Terry Goodkind web page
J.V. Jones: A page done by the author herself

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The Link Page
Take a stroll through the council hall and see a few more pages with things related to Terry Goodkind. If you have your own Terry Goodkind site, or a site that you are just looking to get hits on, email me with the URL, title, and a brief desciption of your site asking me to post it.
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The Virtual Aydindril
Visit The Virtual Aydindril! This is a SOT role playing page. Check this page out definately, it has a lot of potential!!!