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My Gravity Kills Page
Welcome to my Gravity Kills page, my favorite band out there!
(left to right) Matt Dudenhoeffer - Guitars| Douglas Firley - Keyboards| Jeff Scheel -Vocals| Kurt Kerns - Bass/Drums

Gravity Kills exploded onto the St. Louis music scene in 1995 and the world soonafter. It all started when the first song they ever wrote was placed on the St.Louis alternative station KPNT's Best of St. Louis compilation Point Essential Volume 1. The pulsating "Guilty" became the stand out and quickly shot up the stations chart to No. 1, becoming the most requested song of 1995.

Gravity Kills is a non-traditional rock band whose members don't limit themselves to playing or writing on one instrument. Aided by owning their own studio, Gravity Kills sees their music as a complex mosaic of organized noise derived from the manipulation of imperfect instruments, environmental artifacts and rhythmic deconstructions. Production scientist John Fryer (NIN, Cocteau Twins) was brought on board to mix the album. Kurt Kerns (bass/drums), Matt Dudenhoeffer (guitar), and Douglas Firley (electronics) have been writing and performing around Missouri in various guitar bands since the mid 80's. Shortly after moving to St. Louis, the three decided to write and record a song for the KPNT collection, starting only 4 days before submissions were due. Two days into writing what would become "Guilty", the former vocalist backed out. After being turned down by every vocalist they had ever worked with, Kurt, Matt and Doug called upon Jeff Scheel (vocals), Kurt's cousin and long time friend to the three. Jeff, a Dallas techno rock veteran, flew up on the third day to write and cut the vocals in six hours. "Guilty" was mixed on the final day and turned in with only 30 minutes to spare.
In the short time since inking the recording contract, Gravity Kills has landed songs in three blockbuster movie soundtracks. Mortal Kombat, the now platinum soundtrack, contains a demo version of "Goodbye", while "Guilty" can be found on the Original Motion Picture soundtrack for Seven and "Blame" in Escape From LA. The groundbreaking, and now oft-copied videos for Guilty and Enough were directed by Rocky Morton, creator of Max Headroom. Gravity Kills spent 1996 and 1997 touring the world with the Sex Pistols, Skunk Anasie, Sister Machine Gun, Republica, The Nixons, and more. They are currently working on the follow-up to their Gravity Kills album, one of the most successful debut albums of 1996. The band also contributed a song to the current Beggars Banquet Gary Numan tribute album.

Specially-Priced Album-Length EP Features 60+ Minutes Of Diverse Re-interpretations By Top Mixers And Musicians.

MANIPULATed is an album-length, EP-priced collection of remixes. The 13-track disc features revamped versions of five tracks from the band's highly successful self-titled debut. The likes of P.M. Dawn, Al Jourgensen of Ministry, Lords Of Acid, Mark Saunders, Martin Atkins and others were recruited to pull Gravity Kills into the territories of pop, trip-hop, metal, techno and dance while retaining the integrity of the individual songs.


in Real Audio format
Lords of Acid Power Remix
Al Jourgensen Remix Ministry's main man does his thing
Mark Saunders Remix Tricky's producer gets behind the board

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