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Upcoming Books

  • This is the first Line from Pillars of Creation: Picking through the dead man's pockets, Jenssen Dagget came across the last things in the world she would ever have expected to find.
  • Pillars of Creation is the title of book 7! The Book is sheduled to be released November 20th 2001! There are no plans for a book signing of PoC, he just wants to get book 8 done on time so we don't have to wait to long for the next book. Although i've heared something about him coming to the Netherlands in April. I'll see if i can find if he's going to do more book signings.
  • For the rest there isn't anything known about PoC yet, unlike with the other books there isn't coming a first chapter or even not a first sentence. But if they'll change they're mind i'll be sure to post it here, and on the message board.

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The Prophets Enclave

This room is what you could call my office. I will be posting all important information about the new book, or whatever else I feel the need to address. I will be posting a prophecy in here every week too, so check back to learn more!
The Prophet, Nathan Rahl

Prophecy of the Week:
"Sometimes the wings
of fallen dragons
just refuse to
give up the sky"

And here is the cover of the new book Pillars of Creation:

Well i think the ICQ list will be a little outdated, if ya want you can try to contact the people at this icq number..i will try it in a bit atleast! If you would like to be a part of my ever-growing list fill out the form and i will add you name and number!
ICQ Number

"...And, he was quite mad. Or he was quite clever, and wanted everybody to think he was quite mad..."
"...Either way, he was probobly the most dangerous man alive..."
"...They are passed on by ones with the gift, ones like me:
Prophets ..."
"...Nathan, who bought himself a sword today, is now having a sword fight with invisible enemies in our room. He thinks a sword will make him look, dashing. He is a thousand-year-old child..."

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