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The Book Club

Welcome to the Book Club. In the Book Club we will list a book monthly that is most likely readily available in paperback for members to read. After the the alloted time for reading the book, which is a month, or before that time, we will have discussions on our message board and/or chat room. Listed to the left is the book and cover if available, and to the right is the list of members of our club. If you'd like to become a member of the Book Club, please read the official rules first HERE, then email your name and desired email address to either or

Monthly Selection

This months book selection is:
Pawn of Prophecy
by David Eddings, the first book of the Belgariad series.
Pawn of Prophecy

Book Club Members

Name Email
Modi Vrycre
Gabriel Malek
Myrian Lanier
Dagan si'Darick
Mord Sith Caltara
Mord Sith Shal
Mord Sith Dia
Justin Pryce
Joseph Thunderchild

The Book Club Message Board
The Book Club Chat Room

This page and some of its members are a branch of The Virtual Aydindril A Terry Goodkind role playing page. To visit it or sign up, click on the the link or banner.
The Virtual Aydindril