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Here are some banners that Nathan has designed, they are verry good don't ya think? To bad i can't design such beautifull banners as he. But if ya want a banner, or wanna see what i would make e-mail me HERE!

My Link Exchange Banner
This first banner is one I designed for the my Link Exchange account and the Terry Goodkind Link Exchange.

The TGLE Banner
This banner I made for the TG Link Exchange as a button link to the homepage.

The Temple of the Winds Banner
This banner was designed by me for my friend Alric Rahl's TG page The Temple of the Winds.

A TGLE Banner
Here is another banner that I have designed as a button link for the TG Link Exchange.

This banner, for Foolzfiends TG and RJ page, was designed for the TG Link Exchange.

Blank Banners