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Hello and welcome to my page about me! =
To the right you'll see a picture of Me and my friend Rose, who at the time, wasn't too happy to be having her picture taken as you can probably see! =)
My real name is Mike Leach and im a 17 year old soon-to-be-senior at a school in a small town in Northeast Ohio
Me and Rose

Signature Signature Signature Signature
Me again...
Some of my hobbies are listening to music, art (mostly drawing and jewelery), blading, reading sci/fi and fantasy, and having fun with my friends (you know who you are!). In some of my spare time I also write sci/fi and fantasy at a few Role Playing sites. If you'd like to see some of what I write, you can go here, The Virtual Aydindril, and look for either of my characters, Gabriel Malek or Argon Storm. The picture to the left is one of me working in my metals class.