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Here is a short review of all six of Terry Goodkind's books.

When Richard was a simple woods guide, he never dreamed he would get caught up in magic, war, and dangers so extraordinary that the fate of his entire world would hang on his actions and decisions.

After he rescued Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor of the midlands and the woman Richard would come to love, he left the forest and entered into a larger, and more perilous, world. In Wizards First Rule they were the last hope against the forces of Darken Rahl, who had vowed to enslave the land on half of the Keeper, the embodiment of evil that ruled the underworld.

Over the course of his journeys Richard learned to accept his true role, first as the Seeker and the wielder of the Sword of Truth, and then, in Stone of Tears, as the new Lord Rahl and the war wizard who led the fight against the Keeper and his dark minions.

Richard managed to seal the Keeper in the underworld and, in Blood of the Fold, defended the midlands from the genocidal armies of the Blood of the Fold. Yet a greater threat remains. Everything Richard has learned thus far, all the wisdom, the magic, and the conviction he holds will be for naught as the power-mad Emperor Jagang returns with his multitude of demonic underlings, the order. For Richard must now challenge the impossible: the magic that thwarts magic, the three-thousand-years-sealed-away fortress of evil that has begun to infect the world with a terrible, sorcerous plague. He must find the Temple of the Winds.

But once the shadow of betrayal falls across the mission, Richard must accept the Truth and find a way to undo the damage…or his world will perish.

After he rescued his world he must prevent Emperor Jagang from taking over the world and drive it into total disorder. Here for he must try to make the midlands and the land of D'Hara to one big land that stands up to Emperor Jagang and his Order army. This will drive him into the hart of the Order, where he will see how the people live under the commant of Eperor Jagang.

Terry Goodkind

The Prophets Enclave